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Purple Mountain Majesties


We took a road trip to Mt Rainier, and brought my finished Stalagmite Socks to take pictures.  We had record amounts of snow in the Cascade Mountains last winter so lo and behold there was still snow in August!  JY took  a slide down the side of the hill on his rear end.

snow in august

The air seemed so fresh and clean at Paradise, which is the name of the uber popular tourist destination. I loved the texture of all the Douglas Fir trees, and I couldn’t resist playing around with this picture in photoshop.

ranger station paradise

We took the scenic route down and saw this little fox in one of the scenic viewing areas. He must have been looking for food or something…that crazy guy came right up to the car to have his picture taken. The Webmaster and JO wanted me to ask him to pose with my socks, but I was afraid he might steal them. It gets mighty cold overnight at such high elevations.


It was  cloudy the farther up you drove, but as we were driving down we caught the sun trying hard to shine through those clouds. It is August after all.

sun rays

Due to all the melting snow, the waterfalls were gorgeous! The mist rolling off the water was freezing, though!

wide waterfall

One more cool photo The Webmaster took while we were driving. I added a filter in photoshop, but that’s all the post processing I did. Click here if you’re interested in the exif data…otherwise carry on.

tunnel blur

If you were waiting for the finished Rav_linkredyarnballsocks your wait is over. These socks were for Camp Loopy Project 2. The challenge was to knit something that you could wear while hiking in the mountains, and they had to contain cables. You could choose from gloves, mittens, or socks. I chose socks, of course, and the pattern was Stalagmite by Cookie A.

stalagmite sun rays

The yarn I purchased was Stricken Smitten Sinful Sock in Espresso Glazed Rose. This yarn had a slight halo so it was probably not the best option for making the cables pop, but it was really soft. I was afraid of running out of yarn when I got to the end of the foot so I altered the last inch of the foot and the toe. Basically all I did was continue the ribbing down the toe.

stalagmite rays

Next time, I will fill you in on Project 3 for Camp Loopy. By hook or by crook I will finish this final project and earn myself a skein of Wollmeise.

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“Purple Mountain Majesties”

  1. On August 17th, 2011 at 5:15 pm melissa Says:

    oh that first picture makes me so so happy….. SNOW!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    and oh that fox! he got up really close – how amazing!!

    and speaking of amazing – wowza woman, your latest socks really take the cake. they’re stunning!!!

  2. On August 18th, 2011 at 7:27 am Tara Says:

    Gorgeous! And how perfect is that background for your project? Well done!

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