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Image by Clix

Image by Clix

You may ask why I am writing this, as I just started my blog.  However, my answer is simple. When starting a blog, it is considered (by some prominent bloggers) to be a good habit to have several posts ready in advance, and to know what you are going to write, in the immediate future. I have a series of topics that I want to write about and publish at the beginning of my blogging adventure. I plan to use and reference them often.

I also want to address a few topics that are not seen as often as others.  For example, I want to focus on the user experience, as this is not talked about as much as the latest PSD tutorial.
Apart from having a few subjects up front, my ideas will ultimately come from my experience at the Art Institute (AiPO). This will make it easier on me, since I work, am a full time student, and blogger. I will already have material from AiPO, that only requires small changes, for posts here.

This topic was suggested on Chris Brogan’s blog. Chris Brogan poses questions to bloggers, as starting points for writing great blog posts. “How I Come Up With Blog Ideas”, is the subject of this introductory post.

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Hey there Daniel,

A great idea is to think of your take on another blogger’s point of view. Or if there’s a comment that makes you think, swing that into a blog post to “answer” it. Or, something simple like a news article or TV story – offer your take on that.

The great thing about blogging is that there’s plenty of room for trial and error, until you find what your passion really is. Then the fun begins… :)

Good luck with the course and your blog!

Thanks for the feedback. That is great advice. I like the part where you mention providing a different take on another post. I just read that somewhere else and I am going to set that aside to remember.

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